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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pole fitness? 
Pole fitness is a workout trend that has been rising in popularity over the last several years.  Pole fitness can trace its origins back to several sources including Chinese pole, acrobatics, gymnastics, and dance.  While some members of the pole community either currently or at one time worked in the adult entertainment industry, it is important to note that our facility is focused on pole dancing as an athletic endeavor.  We believe that the unique mixture of athleticism, flexibility, and dance technique makes pole dancing a workout that can benefit women and men of all abilities and ages! 

Do I need to schedule a class in advance or can I just show up?
We absolutely encourage you to schedule in advance!  Drop ins are always welcome to participate in class, but we cannot guarantee that there will be space available in the desired class.  Students who have booked into a class have priority; however, if there is space available in a class, you are welcome to join in! 

I’m late.  Can I still attend class?
Students must arrive prior to class.  We have a policy of not allowing anyone into a class 5 minutes past the scheduled class time.  This policy is for your own safety as well as respecting the instructor and other students.  

I am a man who is interested in pole and the aerial arts.  Am I welcome?
Yes!  AirFlex Fitness will never turn away a student who is respectful and willing to learn.  We do, however, ask for your understanding in placing you in an appropriate class.  Due to the attire necessary for pole classes and the nature of the sport as a whole, we need to make sure that your presence does not make the women in our classes uncomfortable. For this reason, please do not be offended if we suggest you take part in particular classes as opposed to others!  Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable practicing and being themselves.    We suggest men who are interested call us ahead of time, but know that you are always welcome at our facility!

I have children.  Can I bring them to class?
AirFlex Fitness does not provide child care so we strongly encourage you to leave your children at home.  If it is absolutely necessary to bring them with you, please ensure that they will be quiet and well behaved.  The instructor teaching the class will be permitted to use their discretion in asking you to leave if your child creates an unsafe environment or disrupts the learning of other students.  Children will not be permitted to remain in the reception area without the supervision of their parent or guardian.  

What should I wear to class?
Please consult the "Class Notes" section of the Class Description page!

Do I need to have a great deal of upper body strength and flexibility to begin pole dancing or aerials?
Absolutely not!  Even the most famous names in the industry had to start somewhere!  One of the biggest benefits to pole fitness and the aerial arts is how they will help you improve your strength and flexibility without the constraints of the normal gym environment.  While it may be advisable for you to supplement your AirFlex workouts with a traditional weight training and cardio program, it is by no means necessary!  Pole dancing and aerials are a fantastic way to build muscle strength and endurance and people of every fitness level can benefit from these activities.

I would love to hold a bachelorette party in your facility, how do I go about doing that?
Please look at our Parties/Rentals page for details on how to host your party with us!  We offer a number of options based upon the duration of the party and services included.  Feel free to call the studio or send us an email to get started booking your event!