Intro to Pole Fitness
This class is designed for the person who has never taken a pole fitness class

before.  In this class we will go over basic walks and changes of directions,
ways down to the floor and back to standing, and basic spins.  We will also
introduce climbing and pole sits.  Shorts are required for this class.  This class
will cover the basics that are necessary to progress further into Level 1 Pole
Fitness.  Class will fill to 1 person per pole.  Reservation required.  
60 min class

Level 1 Pole Fitness
This pole fitness class is perfect for the person new to pole dancing! With a
focus on learning basic spins and becoming comfortable with a variety of
grips essential in more advanced moves, this class will prepare the beginner
for more advanced moves by building confidence and strength on and
around the pole.  This class will feature spins, floor work, climbing,
and conditioning necessary to become ready to invert.  This class will fill
to 1 person per pole.  Reservation required.  
75 min class

Level 2 Pole Fitness
This mid level pole fitness class is appropriate for the student that is comfortable with all the skills covered in Level 1 and has completed the test out procedure. This class will begin to cover more advanced tricks including laybacks and other position not involving inversions. Students will progress to working on inversions and skills from inversions. More advanced spins will be covered and spin pole skills will be introduced in this class as well. This class will fill to 1 person per pole. Reservation required. 
75 min class

Level 3 Pole Fitness
Level 3 Pole Fitness is designed for the advanced pole dancer who is ready to start working on advanced skills and more
complicated combinations.  Requirements include: split grip ayesha, brass monkey, aerial inverts and shoulder mount, superman, leg hangs. Must receive clearance from a Level 2 instructor before signing up for this class! Class will fill to one person per pole. Reservation required. 
75 minute class

Competition & Performance Prep
This class is for pole dancers of all levels to work on upcoming performance of competition routines.  This is a chance to use what you've learned in class and begin to piece things together into a coherent and fluid performance.  Participants are expected to work independently and according to their level.  Class will fill to one person per pole. Reservation required. 
75 minute class

Pole Flow
This class will present different combos for students to work on moving more fluidly and confidently through combinations of tricks they have learned in other classes.  There will be a new combo every 2 weeks to give participants time to become comfortable with the combinations and begin to apply them in different ways as we experiment with different music and emotional portrayals within each. Students will also work on their own ability to build combinations and freestyle.  Open to all levels of students. 
60 min class

Pole Strong
This pole fitness class is designed to specifically target the muscles most used in pole and to help condition the dancer to become a stronger athlete.  With a variety of conditioning drills both on and off the pole, dancers of every level will target the muscles that will lead to cleaner lines and more effortless looking transitions and tricks. Get started on sculpting that body you've always wanted with this class! Polers of all levels welcome! This class will fill to 1 person per pole.  Reservation required.
60 minute class

Level 1 Aerials
In this ongoing class, we will learn basic moves on trapeze and
aerial hammock, such as wraps, hangs, climbs and balances,
focusing on strength building with proper alignment and form.
Each student will progress at her/his own pace.  Space limited, reservation
60 minute class

Aerial Conditioning
For beginners as well as those who already practice some form of
aerial work, this class builds whole body strength and flexibility.
Using diverse exercises both on the ground and in the air, we train
to prepare for aerial work, to improve our practice and to prevent injury.
Space limited, reservation required. 
60 minute class

 Have you always wanted to be able to do a split?  Have issues with a tight back?  This class will guide you to become a more flexible, fluid athlete.  With classes specifically focused on backwards flexibility, middle flexibility, and others, you will be guided to safely and effectively increase your range of motion while maintaining proper alignment.  This class is perfect for those looking to limber up and relax sore muscles in a fun, soothing setting.  While this class is designed to increase flexibility for the pole dancer or aerialist, all members are encouraged to join this class!
60 min class​​

Power Abs
This intense, high energy class will help you to build a stronger core whether you are trying
to improve your pole or aerial work or you just want to build a more toned abdomen.  This
class focuses on body weight exercises designed to keep your heart rate elevated while
targeting the entire trunk of the body. 
45 min class

Booty Work
This high intensity class uses body weight and light weights to target the glutes and

hamstrings.  Using a variety of specially selected exercises, participants will work on
improving both size, shape and tone of their booty!  Ankle weights are encouraged but not
required!  This class is appropriate for any fitness level and will alternate between higher
intensity super sets and plyometrics as well as body weight exercises focused on activating
and engaging the gluteal muscles.
 60 minute class. 

Open Studio
Pole dancing and the aerials are skills that require practice to advance. Open studio time frames are times in which we encourage any members to come in and practice the skills they have learned in class on their own. Any level of student is welcome to come in and work on anything they desire.  Instructors may be present to give advice and to help spot.  Because there is no formal instruction at this time, any activity is at the risk of the member!  Please be smart and safe about what you are ready to do on your own and stick to level appropriate skills! Open studio time is free to members and people with classes on their account.  Non members will be charged the same fee as a drop in class and the instructor reserves the right to limit what non members are allowed to do.  Reservation required. 

Class Notes 

*Pole and Aerial classes are divided into levels based upon a level system. Please read the class descriptions when choosing your class and place yourself in a class that will be challenging but within your abilities!  

*Pole Fitness requires skin exposure to help maintain a grip on the pole.  We highly encourage anyone partaking in a pole class to come in a tank top and shorts.  Higher level classes may require the torso to be exposed.  Please wear whatever attire you feel comfortable with but keep in mind that bikini shorts and a sports bra are perfectly acceptable attire here! Because skin grip is essential for pole, try to avoid using any body lotions before class, as they will make your skin and the pole extremely slippery.

*Aerial classes require skin to be covered to avoid painful burns on the skin from the lyra or fabrics.  The ideal aerial outfit covers your legs completely (tight leggings are perfect) as well as your torso.  We encourage members to wear a shirt that will also cover your underarms, but this is not as important as keeping your legs and midsection protected!  

*All other classes, it is your discretion of what to wear.  We want members to feel comfortable as possible at all times.  Normal workout attire is acceptable for all classes! 

*Yoga mats, straps, and blocks are provided at the studio in limited numbers.  We encourage members to bring their own!

*We sell several types of grip aids at the studio, but you are welcome to bring your own! 

Strong. Flexible. Confident.

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