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As most of you know, the boss lady will be on vacation from July 17-July 24.
-Please note the modified class schedule for this time frame! Allison and Cassie will be covering many of my classe so please take a look on MindBody and plan accordingly.  I apologize for having to change the schedule!
-The studio WILL NOT be opened if no one is signed up for a class.  PLEASE make sure you sign up for your classes several hours ahead of time!
-I will not be taking any calls/emails/texts while I am away.  Please feel free to leave me a voicemail/email/text/Facebook message and I will get back to you ASAP when I return! Please stop by the studio during open hours for any information about classes/memberships or leave me a message, as the studio phone will not be available. 
-Please keep an eye on this page for any changes to the schedule or communication from my instructors while I am away.
-Hopefully you all barely notice I am gone, and a huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful instructors for stepping up to keep things moving while I take some downtime! If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with me before Saturday =)

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AirFlex Fitness is the Lehigh Valley's newest innovative way for women of all ages and fitness levels to get a great workout while still having fun.  
AirFlex Fitness provides women of all ages and ability the tools and techniques to learn a new method for toning and strengthening their bodies in a safe and supportive environment.  




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